Environment Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is the practice of managing operations in a way that minimizes negative environmental impact. Associated Business Systems, A Ricoh Company, wholeheartedly supports this initiative. Ricoh is the #1 market share leader in the placement of digital B&W copiers and digital color copiers. Ricoh also leads our industry in promoting sustainability, which has long been a hallmark of their product design, manufacturing practices and other activities.

Ricoh received the World Environmental Center Gold Medal for international achievements in sustainable development, and we have made the Global 100 List of the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for four years in a row. Ricoh Solutions support stewardship in 5 ways:

1.  Save energy
2.  Reduce resource consumption
     (paper and toner)
3.  Promote air quality
4.  Comply with relevant standards
5.  Recycle end-of-life equipment
     and supplies

Ricoh has been on the Global 100 list of the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for 4 years in a row. Ricoh utilizes innovations designed to maximize efficiency during the operation and idle time. Not only does this reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but even while in Energy Saver Mode, it dramatically reduces the system's energy consumption.

A big issue in sustainability is when these machines become obsolete. Instead of filling landfills with potentially harmful material, Ricoh uses recycling programs and de-manufacturing facilities. This means diverting tons of waste from landfills, and recovering nearly 100% of material content! In conjunction, one of the major sustainability efforts is the recycling of end-of-life equipment. We call this our ABS Classics program, where we sell used and refurbished equipment, giving you a more affordable option while helping our environment.

And with Ricoh's Toner Cartridge Collection Program, returnable cartridges are tested for use in the manufacturing of new cartridges, or sent to material recovery partners. This practice keeps plastics out of landfills, and conserves the materials and energy it would take to make new cartridges!

Going a step further, some solutions enable organizations to remove paper from workflows entirely! Check out information on our electronic document management for more information on how your business can help improve sustainability efforts, and even lower cost!

Ricoh Environmental Awards

World Environmental Center (WEC) awarded the Ricoh Group the Gold Medal for its International Achievement in Sustainable Development. An independent jury of distinguished international environmentalists awards the prestigious WEC Gold Medal annually to a corporation that demonstrates preeminent leadership and contributes to worldwide environmental quality.

Financial Times listing of
the "World's Most Respected
, ranked
Ricoh #7 among
CEO's-Companies that best
manage and effect
environmental resources

Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) "Environmental Stewardship Award", presented at CEP's 14th Corporate Conscience Awards

Energy Star "Office Equipment Partner of the Year" for 5 consecutive years

Energy Star "Labeling Partner of the Year"

Our Workflow Assessment

Capitalizing on our experience and knowledge, we have developed a proven methodology for analyzing the impact of document related hardware and workflow. By taking advantage of our Free Workflow Assessment, we can help you improve processes, remove redundancy and increase efficiency with our consultative services. The result: less use of paper, a cleaner environment and a more productive business.